Phil Ruelle

Chief Digital Officer, BDO Group

Chief Digital Officer, BDO Group

With a background in Computer Systems Engineering, since starting his career working in software R&D for a Japanese tech giant, Phil has held a number of management roles, including Director of Technology for a systematic hedge fund.

Phil has a track-record of successfully delivering technology solutions that provide significant business benefit. He has repeatedly shown the ability to exploit technology to drive change and to manage that change through engagement and communication not just with stakeholders but the wider business as well.

In his role as Chief Digital Officer (CDO) for the BDO Group, Phil is responsible for integrating technology into all aspects of the BDO Group, as well as working with clients to provide a range of IT consultancy including technical due diligence, audit and strategic IT planning.

Phil was previously Chief Operating Officer for Greenlight, managing the day-today processes and running of the company, and remains an integral part of the BDO Greenlight board.

Panel Chair

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