Dominik Schiener

Co-founder, IOTA

Dominik is an entrepreneur from Italy, currently working on IOTA, which is a revolutionary new transactional settlement and data transfer protocol for IoT. IOTA is the first protocol that enables machines to transfer value and data between each other with absolutely no fees and quantum-proof security. In addition to that, IOTA will feature conditional smart contracts, which will enable purely autonomous and trustless interactions between machines and humans. With IOTA, he’s specifically focusing on the intersection of Blockchain and IoT and how it will give rise to the Machine Economy.

Apart from his work on IOTA, he’s also worked on digital identity as well as new voting solutions, which can be seen at his blog (http://schiener.me). He has won several prizes from Deloitte, Wanxiang, GTEC and the Emirates NBD Group. His project CargoChain, which introduces IoT and Blockchain solutions to international trade, was the winner of the largest Blockchain Hackathon to date, held in Shanghai in January 2016.

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