Andy Carpenter

SINCERE Cyber Crime/Cell Site Manager SOJ Police

SINCERE Cyber Crime/Cell Site Manager, SOJ Police

Andy started out as a Detective with West Midlands Police during which time he began to specialise in telecoms and digital forensics. He was then asked to assist a small consultancy firm with setting up a digital forensics lab which expanded as they took on the backlog of work created by UK police forces who had become overwhelmed by the increase in the requirement for digital forensic services. He’s spent the last 8 years as a Homicide and Major Enquiries consultant and expert witness in the field of telecoms and digital forensics for the police and defence solicitors during which time he was asked by the Home Office to assist with creating the Codes of Practice and Conduct for Digital Forensics.


Andy is currently assisting States of Jersey Police with running the SINCERE Project (Small Island Nations Centre of Excellence for Research and Education) which has been set up to develop the knowledge, skills and competences of those in the criminal justice system whilst providing the general public and local industry with advice and guidance on cyber-crime prevention therefore ensuring the safety and security of the residents of the islands. Currently Jersey, Guernsey, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man are signed up to the project and have, in the last month, had enquiries from Bermuda and Iceland who are interested in either getting onboard with the current project or with getting advice in how to set up their own Centres of Excellence.

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