Minecraft VR and Machine Learning

At this year’s Tech Fair, the Channel Islands’ largest technology solutions provider, C5, will have several stands where visitors can try out various Virtual Reality environments and experience the latest Machine Learning technology that utilises facial and voice recognition software. Their team will be on-hand to answer questions about all things tech, including how they’ve got to where they are today.

The team will be showcasing technology they’re passionate about. The C5  foundation is built upon geekiness and a genuine love for the latest tech innovation.

Senior C5 Consultant Andy Delaney will be leading the Virtual Reality demonstrations, to illustrate how the innovative use of this tech has created immersive new experiences. C5’s close alliance with Microsoft means that they have chosen to demonstrate Minecraft for VR at the Tech Fair and we will also be discussing the Minecraft Education Edition which is available later this year. Attendees will have the opportunity to use a VR headset at the C5 stand and transport themselves into a completely new environment where their bodily movements will be reflected on-screen.

The second C5 stand will be headed by C5 Group Chief Technology Officer Aonghus Fraser, who will be displaying the latest in Machine Learning with a facial and voice recognition system. Attendees will be challenged to ‘beat the system’ by opening the C5 safe, as secured using voice recognition technology usually confined to the silver screen. There will be an awesome prize for anyone who is able to open the safe!